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Anderson Cooper's Trainer
Reveals Must-Do Move
Anyone can tell just by looking at CNN anchor Anderson Cooper that he's in great shape. His lean physique and strong biceps tell us he's doing something right. That's Fit recently had a chance to catch up with Cooper's personal trainer, Thelonious "T.J." Johnson, who has been whipping him into shape for the last two years at their local New York City gym.

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Meet Anderson Cooper's Secret Weapon

Meet Anderson Cooper's Secret Weapon
by Jared Paul Stern 

CNN 360° host Anderson Cooper has been getting a lot of attention lately for his buff physique (check out this video on While it may seem like a sudden transformation, in fact Cooper's muscles are the result of two years of workouts with a personal trainer,Thelonious "T.J." Johnson

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Thelonious Johnson Stylist review

Johnson has graced the pages of Details and Italian Vogueas a fashion model, as well as cover of Maximum Fitness magazine

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TJ Johnson model shoot

TJ Johnson

Top Male Model Trainer

Thelonious "T.J." Johnson has modeled for both fitness and Fashion publications and while nurturing a budding acting career he also trains celebrities in gyms across Manhattan.

In addition to CNN anchor Cooper, with whom he has worked for two years, his gym clientele has included everyone from "Good Morning America" weatherman Sam Champion to celebrity hair stylists Oribe (whose clients include Jennifer LopezNaomi Campbell and Diana Ross) and Roque Jimenez (Mariah Carey's mane man).

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          Thelonious "T.J" Johnson walks the red carpet

About Thelonious "T.J." Johnson

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

Thelonious "T.J." JohnsonThelonious is a natural when it comes to acting. He is recognized world-wide as the infamous 'Old Spice Hair and Body Wash' (left) model and has appeared on episodes of All My Children, One Life to Live and Law & Order Criminal Intent. You can also catch Thelonious as the Bionic-Commando in the hilarious viral marketing videos recently released by Capcom Entertainment. Acting is Thelonious's true passion but he is also a highly recognized male model who has graced the pages of many magazines Thelonious "T.J." Johnsonranging from men's fitness to high fashion such as Italian Vogue. He continues his studies in acting as well as singing and is hailed as Extra's 'Bachelor of the Month' which features this upcoming star.

Thelonious is also a Certified Personal Trainer in New York City. With over 10 years of experience Training everyone from celeberties such as Anderson Cooper to People who just want to push the limit and achieve their goals. Specializing in weight loss, diet, nutrition, health, fitness, muscle gain, fitness programs, and motivation.



Thelonious Johnson Is A Triple Treat

The Insider Interview

Thelonious Johnson, better known as T.J., embodies a matchless triple treat, as an actor, model and personal fitness trainer—with elite clients such as CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Roque Jiminez, Celebrity Hairstylist to A-listers such as Mariah Carey. T.J.’s career boasts a wide range of highlights. As a model, he has been featured in leading publications such as Vogue Italia, Details, and scored the cover of Maximum Fitness. He was also featured in a nationally syndicated commercial for Old Spice Hair & Body Wash. His acting highlights include roles on Law & Order: Criminal Intent, One Life to Live, and All My Children. Most recently, he has become the face of Capcom Viral Videos—a series of comedy viral videos promoting the popular video game, Bionic Commando. T.J.’s affinity for fine arts stems from his childhood— his father, a jazz musician, and mother, an artist, emphasized the importance of art throughout T.J.’s upbringing, even naming their son after famed American jazz pianist and composer, Thelonious Monk. Upon college graduation, the New York native sought to pursue his artistic aspirations, focusing his efforts on acting, while maintaining a level of physical activity that met his life-long fitness interests. Thelonious introduces a new approach to fitness training, which he has shared on leading television program Extra.

As a trainer, he stresses the importance of preserving the body, and practices the belief that each individual should treat their unique form as a temple. He customizes training sessions to fit the needs and goals of each individual client, providing full-body workouts that target their problem areas to achieve results. Thelonious organizes total, comprehensive training sessions that positively affect the client’s physical form, while helping to instate healthier, happier lifestyle choices into his/her everyday life. T.J., being an adrenaline-junkie with interests such as snowboarding and extreme sports, offers workouts that embody his own interests. For thrill-seekers in search of an action and adventure-driven workout, he also specializes in extreme outdoor training, providing fitness sessions that feature mountain-biking, hiking, “tough man” workouts and boot camps. A renaissance man, who has been named one of 2008’s Most Eligible Bachelors by Extra, T.J. has established himself in many arenas, and continues to prove himself as a sought-after actor while helping individuals reach peak levels of fitness.

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5 Tips to a

Sexier Body -A celebrity trainer shows you how to be fit and fabulous...
-Debbie Emery

New York-based celebrity trainer Thelonious 'T.J.' Johnson (right), who keeps CNN host Anderson Cooper in muscle-rippling shape, shares his top tips for getting - and maintaining - a great body.

• Timing is everything. While people generally fit workouts into their schedule whenever they can, T.J. says doing cardio in the evening is most efficient because it burns off the calories that you ate during the day.

• Go beyond the treadmill. A sexy body isn’t just skinny, it’s toned. T.J. suggests doing strength training sets as well as cardio intervals. For example, run one mile on the treadmill at the speed that’s right for you, then do a set of 12 push-ups. Get back on the treadmill for another mile and follow with another set of 12 push-ups. Keep alternating. Your ultimate goal: go a total of five miles on the treadmill and an equal number of strength training sets. That’s one tough workout that will change any body

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